Women Grooming

Grooming Then and Now;

Whether it is the 1980s or the 21st century, grooming is what women are doing for ages. The difference is just that grooming back then was not named as grooming and it was part of daily lifestyle.

Days back then women used to please themselves by wearing heavy ornaments, carrying heavy clothes, and expressing their beauty in different ways. Actually, it was more about expressing their personality as back then they did not get more of other opportunities to do so in different ways.
Grooming basically means the betterment of yourself by accepting the original self the way you already are. Grooming includes refining ways through self-acceptance internally and externally. Women grooming nowadays is more about internal as well as external grooming.

Self Care and Self Expression are an important part of Grooming; 

There is a direct connection between the way you feel internally and the way you express yourself externally. It is not about expressing yourself to someone else, it is all about expressing to yourself how you treat yourself and how you feel about yourself.

Hello, my beautiful skin, I love you;
Make skin care part of your daily routine to love and pamper your skin daily. In saying this, have a morning and night skincare routine. The more you take care of your skin your bad days too will make you feel confident. It doesn’t need to be very fancy if you have a shortage of time. 2 minutes of light massage to your face, applying moisturizer after a shower, splashing water on your face in every few hours, a night shower, and moisturizing before bed such simple things are enough to express care to your skin.

Have Good Hairs Day, every day;
Hairs boost your confidence by 10x so give your hair all nourishment and treat them special. Give yourself a good hot hair oil massage every week, and apply chemical-free hair masks. Give hot towel spas frequently whenever possible. This is the best therapy to reduce stress and also show love to your hair and yourself.

Your skin is special so should be the outfits;
What you wear is how you feel, so wear your favorite colors and feel colorful. If you are comfortable with what you wear you automatically will feel confident so wear whatever gives you comfort and a good feel. Cotton clothes are your best friend to your skin so pamper it with beautiful cotton clothes.

Smile more;
There is science behind the smile and positive chemicals. The more you smile more the facial muscles will be active which leads to a happy feeling. Your smile is precious, so keep smiling.

Grab a chance to be a social butterfly whenever possible;
Be interactive whenever possible. Talking to people will help in activating different areas and cells of the brain and will also make you see different perspectives. When you talk to the masses, you get to explore more of yourself, which boosts confidence and that will lead to self-grooming.

Believe in Yourself ;

The most important factor behind grooming is self-confidence and self-belief. So be confident and rise high to shine bright. Take your power in your hand and keep improving every day better and better. 



Written by Brinda Madhani.