Why India Men do not help females with House Chores

Times have changed but Mindset has not 

India since ancient times, i.e the times when the kings were rulers, the duties were distributed based on gender. The males were out on the battlefield (on duty) or contributing to agriculture which required strength to earn bread by serving the King or their region in any manner, and females used to manage the house and the household. The main reason behind the same was the requirement of strength and management in the respective areas. But with change in era, the requirement changed, and now as there are no wars between districts and agriculture is not a mere area of work, with diversity in fields available, men and women both can work together.

With the change in time, people have become more accepting and vibrant towards working women and are accepting them becoming part of the corporate world, and stepping out to become part of the global market.  But then, the acceptance towards men helping or and participating in housework is not in equivalent proportion.

Why Indian Man Hesitate to offer a hand in House Chores;- 

Indian mindset towards females;- As there is male dominance in Indian Society, women are expected to be all-rounders and on the other hand men are just expected to exist (male dominating family).

The woman herself is not respecting the Homemaker;- This is the biggest reason. When a working woman is not respecting a full-time homemaker not considering house chores to be important and among respectable jobs. This leads to when a man, in general, is helping his wife or his mother with the housework he is tagged as momma’s boy or charged to be scared of his wife. So this makes a man less efficient to offer domestic help and also not talking about it publicly.

  Oh Mother, Indian Mother;- India is a country where kids are given manners on the basis of their gender.  Girls are expected to be soft and sophisticated and also all-rounder and again, boys are just expected to exist.  A small 8 years girl kid will be expected to know the basics, like cleaning, and making tea but a 12 years boy kid will be praised a lot if he takes water by himself.

Lack of knowledge that Management of money is equally important to earning money;- As a homemaker, the biggest job is to manage the smallest to biggest of the family needs. The management of groceries, electricity bills, meals, kids, taking care of health, serving every member on a personal level making sure that everyone’s needs are fulfilled and the budget of the family is maintained.    

Is this Mindset just in India? 

In all other countries except India, domestic help is expensive and is respected a lot. In countries like Germany and the United Kingdom, housewives are respected equally to women working in employment. But things are absolutely different in India. In India, house help is not respected and looked down on. People are judged based on their profession.

 How can we solve this issue?

Let us dust off what is already done.  Let’s normalize and encourage the good quality of men sharing hands for house chores and educate our coming generation on the importance of house help and respect all work equally. What you sow is what will grow.



Written by Brinda Madhani