Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas

Don’t have time for a planned pre-wedding photo shoot? Not looking to spend a lot of money on lavish photo shoots then here we come for your help. Here we have some quick and easy ideas for the perfect photo shoot without spending too much of your energy but with amazing results.

Outfits- OneHouse India

Outfits- OneHouse India

1-     You do not need to shoot the entire shoot at one location;

Don’t worry about selecting a special beach or mountains. Having a natural photo shoot makes the shoot the best. Hang out with friends and ask them to capture special moments that go the best.

2-     No need for fancy gowns and suits;

There are many casual and amazing outfits out in the market. You can check OneHouse India for the best outfits for a pre-wedding shoot.  Twinning outfits go the best or you can also wear complementing colors. Whites are the best to carry for the purpose. You can also wear a dungaree for café dates and long drive shoots or skirts for outskirt outings. The more you be natural, the more the photo shoot will go authentic.

3-     Enhance the photo shoot by adding the local market  flavor of your town/city to your love;

You can hang out on the outskirts of your city or in the old areas of your city giving the vintage effect. Local markets add the best desi effect if you go for early morning shoots.

4-     Early morning/Late night shoots;

Plan for early morning lights or late-night beauty to be captured in your pictures. T/the natural lights and the good photographer add a boon to the live photos. Playing around the sun and moon and clouds works best. For night shoots, candles and glow lights can also add beauty.

5-     Invest your money in a good photographer;

The photographer decides how the shoot will go. The way your photographer captures the photos will decide and enhance the beauty of the surroundings, the outfits, and the overall photo.

Outfits- OneHouse India

Outfits- OneHouse India

6-     Shop outfits that you can wear for future vacations as well, and thank me later;

Save your hard-earned money by purchasing shorts, dungarees, short dresses, one-piece, and shirts for the pre-wed shoot, and further use it for vacations with your better half. This will not make the photo shoot very typical and also you’ll get new outfits in your closet that you can wear for your vacations.

7-     Animal lover? Then add your pets in the frame;

Cute pets add cuteness and make changes to the flow of the shoot. You can play with your cats or dogs and click amazing pictures.

8-     Add some basic props like a piano, guitar, or some antique piece in the background to change the overall look;

When you change the background the outcome changes. So if you add props to the shoot, it will take photos to another level.  The essence of the prop will give flavor to the photos.

9-     Take some black and white and shadow photos;

Black and white photos give the old vibes and shadow photos are always mesmerizing.



Written by Brinda Madhani.