Startups, Real Independence for Indian Women

Should I do a job or business? Is it possible for me to do business without any backup support? Is it possible to manage a startup along with other family responsibilities? Is it Okay to think of having a business after having kids? Anyways, for a woman, it is never too late to be independent.

India has been an independent country since 1947, yet has not reached the Independent stage for all its citizens. Biasness starts with gender in India and unfortunately this area of employment is a silent killer. On the front face, nothing seems wrong but hidden most of the things are not right. Let me brief you on the facts than on the conclusions.

The modernization and culture encouraging the change in the acceptance level of the new norms towards working women in the corporate world have some unseen areas as well. Not all corporate bodies are discriminating but so many to the extent that we cannot ignore the fact. There are multiple reasons why Indian women should focus on startups for real independence. Some being practical reasons and some being psychological reasons, both are important for consideration.

Women are natural managers; As rightly said, business requires skills for growth but more of it requires the right direction to manage and an efficient Manager. Indian women are born managers. If you doubt this then have a look at your mother and grandmother. Management requires maturity, patience, and perseverance and it goes unsaid that women are born with all three.

Independence; The biggest drawback of employment setup in India is no time freedom. People compromise their health, family, and personal life to an unreasonable extent. And when it is about female employees, are generally given more responsibility and fewer rewards in proportion. Now let me tell you how they are expected to take more responsibility, a) Playing with the emotional factor. b) Females tend to not always think with their brains, they also think with their hearts. This way their emotional segment of consideration is misused most of the time. A study says women are weak compared to men in saying No in a corporate setup. This snatches away the time freedom. No Indian woman is holding one responsibility especially if married and having kids. When multitasking with all important roles, independence is important. Having a startup comes with responsibility and freedom. You can direct your startup as per your time availability and your priorities.

No fight for equality on minor grounds; There are bigger issues on a global level and broader issues on a personal level to deal with, so having your own startup will save you time and focus on your own ideas and your own growth.

Take charge of your life; The main intention of freedom is to take charge of life and Have Your Own Identity. Freedom in a real sense means taking the charge and direction of your life into your own hands. And when you are a person with multi-tasking jumbling and juggling multiple responsibilities, it’s your RIGHT to do so. Entrepreneurship is about taking charge of your actions, prioritizing responsibility and time along with investing total time in something you love to do. Self-satisfaction and self-growth cannot be pitched more than doing something.

This article is written by getting inspired by the owner of ONE HOUSE INDIA, Mrs. Parul Agrawal. She is CA by profession, served in the corporate world for a few years, and then decided to follow her passion and heart. She is a daughter, a wife, a mother, and now also an entrepreneur. She is playing each of her roles flawlessly and beautifully and this is possible because of the right management eye, time freedom, and taking charge of life.



Written by Brinda Madhani.