The Solution for Fast Fashion: Sustainable Fashion

What do we, as consumers, want? A Stylish wardrobe full of trendy clothes, so that we have something new to wear every day at a very minimal budget. It feels so great when we find a cute dress at a very affordable price, so we buy low quality clothes in abundance. But for once, question yourself that what we just bought, was it really inexpensive? Fast fashion may provide buyers with rapid and easy access to an affordable, yet fashionable wardrobe, but the benefits come at a very huge cost. “Fast fashion isn’t free,” says fashion journalist Lucy Siegle. “Someone somewhere is paying for it.”

Let’s have a look at how fast fashion is impacting our environment and leading us towards a dark and distorted world.

Let’s have a look at how fast fashion is impacting our environment and leading us towards a dark and distorted world.

Effects of Fast Fashion:

“Fast fashion” is a method for creating cheaper and inexpensive clothes in very large quantities at an accelerated pace in response to the latest style trends. As today’s world has become so fast paced there is an increase in the demand for inexpensive clothing items at a quicker rate, shopping has now become a form of competition and race.

Due to such a huge production rate, now the people don’t have to wait for a very long period of time to buy the styles or looks they want, as there are so many options to shop from now. Mostly the Consumers, specifically the youth and the students, look for budget friendly yet stylish clothing options, so with fast fashion, they can enjoy shopping without having to spend a lot of money.

Undeniably, Fast fashion has its own benefits. However, just as with most things, there are also drawbacks.

Sure, with fast fashion we can buy inexpensive clothes in large quantities but often we tend to forget that the clothes we just bought are affordable but not durable, therefore, they degrade quickly and are discarded or thrown out, way too soon of buying it and then we shop again, following a similar pattern repeatedly. Hence, we end up buying way more than we realise. So, what we consider budget friendly is actually slowly leeching off all our savings without us even realising that.

Fast fashion has made the consumers build a habit of throwing away and disposing the clothes once they are no longer of any use. Instead of recycling and reusing these clothes, they are just thrown away and they end up in the landfills sitting there for an eternity to degrade.

Now, many Indian brands like OneHouse, Doodlage and others are realising these tragic consequences of fast fashion and working towards a healthy and sustainable fashion culture.

Sustainable fashion is the concept of fashion where along with the environment, ethical and socio-economic factors are also considered while producing a fashion product. It’s a combination for the planet, people and profit.

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