Pregnant Women Clothing Issues & its solution

Pregnancy is the most beautiful feeling ever. Just the thought of having a life inside you fills your heart with elate joy. You spend most of your time planning a perfect life for your baby.

Everything is perfect and lovely, and suddenly you realize that most of your clothes don’t fit you anymore. Mood swings and hormonal changes are normal during pregnancy, but learning that you won’t be able to wear your favourite dresses hits you different.
There are many clothing issues that a woman faces during her pregnancy, these are:-

  • Your favourite clothes don’t fit you anymore: Pregnancy comes along with a long list of medical symptoms that can frustrate you, but the thing that frustrates women the most is not being able to wear their favourite clothes. Depression, anxiety and mood swings are escalated when you realize that there is almost nothing in your wardrobe that fits you anymore. Even the oversized t-shirt you used to wear on those lazy Sundays doesn’t fit you anymore.
  • The clothes that fit aren’t fashionable: When you realize that nothing in your wardrobe works for you, you start looking for alternatives. Sadly markets do not provide much variety in maternity clothing. When you actually find some, they are usually far from fashionable, and some maternity can be ugly at times.
  • Fashion is not an option anymore: Pregnancy comes with many skin problems like skin rash and boils. During pregnancy, comfort is the only thing your skin desires, and fashion goes out of the window. You may get really sweaty at times, which can be really uncomfortable. Cotton clothes that soothe your skin don’t come in a stylish form, and fashion doesn’t feel like an option anymore.
  • Comfort is a luxury now: Due to many skin problems and a baby bump, you are forced to wear comfortable clothes for you and your baby. You cannot wear belts or tight things as it may restrict your blood flow. Many garments in your wardrobe will become useless when it comes to comfort.
  • Sweat and itching are your buddies now: No matter what you wear, you always feel uncomfortable as most clothes are made up of synthetic fabrics that can irritate your skin. Only a few clothing fabrics soothe your skin and are breathable.

It’s disheartening that many fashion companies do not pay attention to this phase of womanhood. Maternity clothes are usually plain and are far from being fashionable. A woman doesn’t get many clothing options to choose from during pregnancy, and fashion is entirely out of the picture.
One house is the company that noticed this problem and decided to start a clothing line dedicated to maternity clothes.

Now you can buy clothes without stressing whether they will fit you or not. You can wear fashionable clothes that don’t just look good but feel good. You can easily enjoy your motherhood without stressing about the clothes. You can find comfort and fashion in one place, which is One house. Pregnancy shouldn’t restrict you from wearing fashionable clothes. Who wants to look basic when you can look awesome!!

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