Motherhood is a Bliss

Being a mother is the most beautiful experience in a women’s life, the ability to bring a new life to this world is indeed a remarkable power that we as women have. Its not only a physical but also a very emotional and mental journey, which starts when you learn the happy news of being a mother but doesn’t end at child birth, it’s a life long ride, where you see your child come to life, its first cry, first walk, first words, first day of school then college later job as well as marriage and them starting their own family. The essence of being a mother is a wholesome bond we have with our child.

The life of a mother, revolves around taking care of the child and family only and somewhere deep down they forget that they themselves are the life of the family. Taking care of your own self is one often forgotten but important aspect of being a mother along with sacrifice being the another. Be it sleep or health, comfort or sometimes even career, a mother always makes a sacrifice to give their child the best that they deserve.

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